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Not everyone can do this job. It takes a particular kind of person. We’re hoping you’re that kind of person. Someone who loves people and all the amazing ways they can be different. You’re not squeamish and you’re patient and gentle (but assertive when necessary). Friends often comment on your kindness and calm demeanour.


If you’re seeking a job where you can make other people’s lives easier, if you value dignity, integrity and respect, and don’t mind the occasional challenge, then please contact us.


Our team provides support, care and enrichment for those with disabilities. Leave work every day smiling because you’ve made someone’s life better. There are few jobs where you know for certain you’re making a positive difference, this is one of them.


You’ll receive on the job training and support, and can undertake further studies if you wish. And you’ll work among people who will touch your life in surprising ways.


Intrigued? Excited? Want to learn more? Please contact us at

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Flintwood disability services…your disability does not have to define you.