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Policy Name:  Vehicle Hoist Policy

Policy Number:   6.G.5i

Effective From:  12 April 2018


  • AIM


The aim of this policy is to address the operating of a hydraulic vehicle hoist and the wheelchair restraints used to safely secure those Participants who use a wheelchair for their mobility. This policy is also aims to prevent / minimise the risk of harm / injury to any employee.




This policy applies to all FLINTWOOD employees.




Hydraulic Hoists:  hoist is a device used for lifting or lowering a load.

Belts (Q’Straints): Refer to the wheelchair tie downs and occupant restraint systems. The unique QRT Retractor system is the only one of its kind in the world that automatically adjusts, locks and fully retracts when released from the wheelchair




    1. The following Policy and Procedure will be used where vehicle hoisting is required through the load and unload of Participants using wheelchairs and through access to and from FLINTWOOD vehicles.   The policy supports FLINTWOOD’s commitment to ensure the safety of both Participants and employees.

    1. FLINTWOOD will provide competency based training for all employees in the correct use of vehicle restraints and vehicle hoist operations.

    1. This policy and the accompanying procedures are based on the Australian Standards AS 2942, AS1753 & AS1745 and supporting DSC guidelines “Reducing the Risk”.




    1. Employees cannot use the vehicle hoist and or secure Participants within a vehicle without first being assessed and deemed competent to do so.

    1. Ensure the environment is always clear and Participants using a wheelchair are positioned in a safe position in the vehicle.

    1. Ensure the brakes are secured on the wheelchair are on and/or power switched off (Powered Chairs) whenever the wheelchair is stationary

    1. Ensure Participant Q’Straints are fastened correctly and safely secured to the vehicle floor

    1. Employees will  not travel up and or down upon the hoist platform whilst it is being used by the Participant.

    1. Participants should never be left alone on the hoist – employee supervision is required at all times

    1. If there is one employee, he / she must use the vehicle side door to enter  the vehicle and after the Participant has been raised to the vehicle floor level. On entry the employees will guide the Participant into the vehicle from the front of his / her wheelchair

    1. If there are 2 employees, the first employee will be at the back of the vehicle, preparing the hoist for loading the Participant into the vehicle, whilst the second employee will enter the vehicle through the side door and will guide the wheelchair off the hoist platform and into the appropriate position within the vehicle.

    1. If there is more than one Participant within vehicle using wheelchair, the hoist must always be raised after use and in readiness for the next transfer

    1. All employees will be assessed on correct use of manual operation of the hoist in the event of any malfunction

    1. When not in use between wheelchair transfers, all wheelchair restraints and belts will be placed in the storage compartment of the vehicle to prevent any damage and promote safety.





  • Is responsible for ensuring they have been trained and assessed and deemed competent before assisting any Participant using a wheelchair and support to access the vehicle
  • Complies with this policy
  • Reports any concerns to the Service Manager

Service Manager


  • Complies with this policy
  • Trains and assesses all employees and determine whether they are deemed competent or not in use of hoist operations and secure of participants via use of Q straints
  • Ensure all equipment is in safe, working order


General Manager


  • Signs off and checks competencies conducted by the Service Manager


Human Rersources Manager

  • Ensures the Service Manager is completing all competencies and reports to the General Manager if there is non compliance.


  • Implements the policy




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