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This policy is under review and is seeking your consultation.  Please read and review the document and provide comments at the bottom.  Your comments will be acknowledged by the Policy committee and will be taken into review for any further changes.

Policy Name:      6.A.2.3  STRATEGIC PLANNING POLICY

Policy Number:  HR

Effective From:  DRAFT

1. AIM


The Board of Directors will set the strategic direction for the work of FLINTWOOD through the strategic planning process involving consultations with all stakeholders.


The Strategic Plan outlines the key goals and objectives of FLINTWOOD, as well as broad strategies to meet these objectives.


The Strategic Plan will be the main reference point for any work undertaken by FLINTWOOD.





To identify key directions and strategies that support the mission and vision of FLINTWOOD. To identify clear priorities for the organisation, integrating these within strategic and operational plans, whilst ensuring the organisation mantains and  enhances  an open and accountable governance structure.




Strategic planning is a formal process for defining the organisation’s direction and involves making decisions on allocating resources to lead the organisation from where it is now to its projected desired future.

The strategic plan lets people know:


  • why FLINTWOOD exists (its purpose or vision and mission)
  • what FLINTWOOD is going to focus on over the next three to five years (the goals and targets)
  • how FLINTWOOD is going to achieve its goals and targets (action planning)


Operational Planning is an internal document that is designed to support the implementation of the longer term strategic objectives and more immediate objectives of established programs and support functions (e.g., administration, finance, quality improvement, learning & development, Work Health & Safety and human resources).




FLINTWOOD will develop a strategic plan every three to five years, and an annual operational plan.


The Strategic Plan incorporates a needs analysis, resource planning and service evaluation.


FLINTWOOD develops its strategic and operational plans with the participation of stakeholders, including the Board, CEO, Senior and Middle Management, all employees, Participants, Families, Advocates, Carers etc


FLINTWOOD regularly monitors strategic and operational outcomes and reviews its plans in conjunction with all relevant stakeholders. Based on the results of monitoring and review, strategic and operational plans may be adjusted.


All employees, Board members, students and volunteers are made aware of this policy during orientation.


The Board of Directors ensures mechanisms are in place for decisions and actions relating to Strategic and Operational Planning and that these are transparent and fair.


Employees with Strategic and Operational Planning functions are provided with ongoing support and professional development.




The planning process will usually commence at the beginning of the final six month period covered by the current Strategic Plan. The process will be led by the CEO and may be conducted as an internal process, or with the assistance of external facilitators.


A strategic plan will be submitted to the Board of Directors to be formally endorsed.


Once endorsed, the Strategic Plan will be made available:


to all FLINTWOOD stakeholders who will be provided with a copy or a point of access to an electronic copy

  • to the public via flintwood.org.au
  • in a hard copy via FLINTWOOD’s administration office


The Strategic Plan will include:

  • The Mission Statement
  • Goals FLINTWOOD will meet
  • Strategies to achieve the goals
  • Specific activities to implement each strategy
  • Risk management processes
  • Timeframes




The CEO will be responsible for reporting to the Board on the extent to which goals are being met.




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