Services designed for you, driven by what you need


Flintwood provides a wide range of services and programs and each one can be altered to meet the individual needs of you and your family.


Every service we offer you has been created based on the needs, likes, wants and aspirations of the participants who use Flintwood as their service provider. Flintwood respects every individual’s unique situation and encourages everyone to try new things and experience opportunities in both individual and group settings.


We want you to have the opportunity to make lifelong friends, build relationships with your caregivers, increase your skills and assert your independence. As a community, Flintwood welcomes you and looks forward to providing you with care and assistance, education and skill building. We also look forward to discovering what you as an individual, bring to us. Your friendship and personality will enrich our service just as our service aims to help you.

We are currently working on an online writable application form for new participants.  Please watch this space!  In the meantime, an application pack can be sent to you by contacting our admin team on or by contacting them on 02 9630 1777

Flintwood disability services

A few of the services we offer you:

Flintwood disability services


Need a break? A change of scenery? Our respite services in two locations give you the time out you’re seeking. Find out more

Flintwood disability services

Day Programs

Our programs are created to give you what you want, be it skills, confidence or a bit of fun. Run at thirteen locations, find the one closest to you here.

Flintwood disability services


Permanent accommodation where you are matched with suitable housemates who share your interests and are a similar age. People you can live with (and have fun with too). Find out more.

Flintwood disability services

Family Support Services

We’re here to support you, but your family can sometimes use some support too, so they can give you the care you need. Life isn’t always easy, but Flintwood can help make it easier. Our dedicated Family Support Officer can help you navigate through the tough times. More information here.

Flintwood disability services

Support Coordination

A Support Coordinator assists you in finding the right service providers for you. They help you identify your needs and support you in your search for a provider with suitable services. If organising your care and services is difficult, a Support Coordinator can be a link between you and the services you choose. Find out more here. 

Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve independence

Flintwood’s Support Coordination Service is entirely independent to Flintwood’s main operation as a service provider under the NDIS. There is no conflict of interest.


Flintwood offer a large range of flexible services and the best way to find out how we can help you is to contact us on and find out what best suits you. Don’t forget we can create services if what we offer now doesn’t meet your needs.


If Flintwood sounds like the kind of organisation that can support your needs, please call on 9630 1777.

Flintwood disability services…your disability does not have to define you.