Flexible Respite

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9/38 Salisbury Road, Castle Hill

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9634 5179

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Flexible respite lets you enjoy a break from routine


Flexible Respite is a short term, time-limited break for you. The aim is to engage and occupy you with a range of activities you may not get the chance to do in your day-to-day life. Respite can occur in your own home, out in the community, or in one of our two respite locations, one at Castle Hill and one at Somerville House.


Flexible Respite gives you a planned and regular break from your usual carers and a break from routine. Our service provides support to you and your family can relax, knowing you’re in the best of care.


Flintwood’s Flexible Respite program is a service that centres around you and your needs and choices. We want you, our participants, to drive and shape the way we provide our flexible respite. Then we know it’s meeting your needs and making your life better.


Our Flexible Respite can be one to one, or a group session where you enjoy an activity or a session with several like-minded participants. It can be one off, or regular. It’s up to you.


Our Flexible Respite Services are:

  • In home care
  • Community access/ out of home care
  • Group activities
  • One on One activities
  • Overnight care (limited so check with us)
  • Holidays (pre-booking essential)


Please call us on 9630 1777 or email admin@flintwood.org.au and tell us what you’re looking for. If it’s not on the list above, chances are we can create it for you.

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