Centre Based Respite Somerville House

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Centre Based Respite Somerville House

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90 Stuart Road Dhurrak 2770

Phone Number:
02 9625 5771

Email address:


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Caters for those receiving short term accommodation (Respite) in their NDIS packages.  The Somerville House site is staffed 24 hours per day seven days per week.


Centre Based Respite services are planned short term, time-limited breaks for people with disability to have time away from the family home.  It assists the ongoing relationships of family members and other unpaid carers of young people and adults with a disability – with the intention that families / carers resume care at the end of the respite period. Centre Based services are provided in a house in the community where the person with a disability stays overnight or longer.


Fees for short term accommodation stays are as per the NDIS pricing guidelines.  The number of stays that an individuals is able to have depends on their NDIS plan.  Flintwood also provides emergency respite which is an immediate, unplanned time-limited response to families / carers who are unable to provide care due to an unforeseen crisis.


The entry criteria for Centre Based Respite is that the individual has to be 16 years and over and have a disability e.g. Intellectual, physical, sensory, brain injury, etc. and have a NDIS plan.  They must also be living with their family or carer full-time.


Flintwood provides a positive and meaningful experience for the person with a disability, whilst at the same time giving the Carer a break from their usual care-giving role. We focus on the individual’s interests, needs and goals whilst the individual is in respite.


Somerville house – the house was named after the Somerville family for their dedication to Flintwood. In the early years of Flintwood’s establishment the Somerville family were key partners in supplying suitable premises and financial assistance so we could provide services to people with disability.  This dedication remains today with Jackie Somerville.  The late Dr Brian Somerville was a kind generous man who served our community.  We acknowledge the couple by naming our respite house in their honour.

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