Six Standards that form the basis of everything we do

Standard 1 – Rights

Each person receives a service that promotes and respects their legal and human rights and enables them to exercise choice like everyone else in the community.


Standard 2 – Participation

Each person is encouraged and supported to contribute to social and civic life in their communities in the way they choose.


Standard 3 – Individual Outcomes

Each person is supported to exercise choice and control over the design and delivery of their supports and services.


Standard 4 – Feedback and Complaints

When a person wants to make a complaint, the service provider will make sure the person’s views are respected, that they are informed as the complaint is dealt with and have the opportunity to be involved in the resolution process.


Standard 5 – Service Access

Each person is assisted to access the supports and services they need to live life they choose.


Standard 6 – Service Management

Service providers are well managed and have strong and effective governance to deliver positive outcomes for the people they support.

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