PROUD PROGRAM RECIPIENTS  – staff who have gone the “extra mile”


Þ Ken Lee (Kingswood) – every group home and family I spoke to from Ken’s site at Kingswood spoke highly of Ken’s support…they say nothing is a trouble no matter how busy he is” – family support officer.

Þ Chelsea Savelos (Carnation St) – “I was impressed with how engaged she was with Nigel (context of taking Nigel to medical appointments)…effortless to her…instilled confidence in me that Nigel was in capable hands”- parent of participant.

Þ Brianna Pincott (31 Salisbury) – “always writes detailed communication in Braeden’s book, giving us a great idea of his day. Much appreciated” – parent of participant.

Þ Paul Kenny (31 Salisbury)– “always gives great communication regarding Braeden’s day and takes video & photos to help us communicate with Braeden about his day”- parent of participant.

Þ Harley Rose Cox (Phillip St, Kingswood) – Rosie had a fantastic approach to a participant who was in distress…took her time and spoke with him with such respect and kindness that after a short time he was smiling again” – Kingswood General Manager…

– “a new participant started today…he was very nervous. Rosie took the time to get to know him, asking about what he enjoys, what makes him happy and eventually he opened up. She made him feel very welcome and comfortable” – Phillip St General Manager

Þ Marie Momo (Phoenix Ave) – “Marie’s ability to support Adam’s independence through active support is fantastic. I witnessed Adam take his plate to the sink and with Marie’s verbal prompting & demonstration, he washed it up in the sink”- Phoenix Ave General Manager…

– “she is a wonder with Adam..stuff that I’ve tried to teach Adam over the years (and failed), Maree has succeeded with! Maree is a delightful person to know, but also firm when she has to be. Adam really listen’s to her.” – parent of participant.

Þ Kate Agbim (38/39 Salisbury) – “positive interaction with staff and participants. Great active support” – Site Service Manager.

Þ Rani Singh (Phoenix Ave) – “has a lovely gentle manner, usually gets compliance from Adam. Very thorough with instructions so that all staff at Phoenix Ave/Salisbury day placement are aware of what’s going on” – parent of participant.

Þ Faith McKain (Phoenix Ave) – “..even though Faith is quite new…she is a quick learner, having mastered all the communication requirements needed for a smooth running of the group home…she is on top of the “info tech” stuff, and if in doubt will seek advice from the other staff more experienced in that field” – parent of participant.

Þ Marie Momo, Rani Singh, Tanaka Chinoyi (Phoenix Ave) – “The team of 3 staff have been very flexible and supportive since Phoenix opened. Nothing has been too much trouble, they have swapped and picked up shifts and they are all focused on the best for the participants” – Phoenix Ave General Manager.

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