Penrith Area Day programs 

Flintwood has 3 dedicated day programs in the Penrith area. We have two day programs in Kingswood, 

1/30 Copeland Street and 2/30 Phillip & Copeland Street. Our Third Penrith site is located at 234 Derby Street (Penrith)

Our Phillip Street site at Kingswood is located across the driveway from our Kingswood site.  Most days we enjoy a slower pace but that doesn’t stop us from getting out and about. We particularly enjoy our Thursday Program “Big Day Out” where we get to go to many amazing places, some have included The Powerhouse Museum,  Three Sisters and Malabar Beach Day. Derby street site is a fun and exciting site to attend.  We enjoy designing programs that are suited to each individual’s needs and goals.  We have a range of activities from craft, music to big adventures visiting sites around Sydney.  We would love you to arrange a time and drop on in.


Are you an NDIS participant

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