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This policy is under review and is seeking your consultation.  Please read and review the document and provide comments at the bottom.  Your comments will be acknowledged by the Policy committee and will be taken into review for any further changes.

Policy Name:   Participants PERSONAL INFORMATION & RECORDS

Policy Number:  1.B.6

Effective From:  July 3rd 2017

1. AIM

To ensure FLINTWOOD Participant records are accurate, consistent and in line with service operational purposes. FLINTWOOD keep only the information necessary to implement the support and provisions of individual services to the Participant.



 Applies to all Participants and to persons who have approved access to the records and information and support purposes.




CIMS – Client Information Management System


Hard Copy – Information or documentation stored on paper




4.1  Participant records are maintained in electronic format by use of FLINTWOOD’S electronic record keeping systems. The information is securely stored on FLINTWOOD’S server, and backup copies of the information are externally maintained.


4. 2  Emergency contact information and community access files are maintained in hardcopy format as well as electronic format for easy access when out in the community


4. 3  Incident Report records are completed and stored (in hard copy format) at Administration.


4. 4  Access to the electronic record keeping system (CIMSability) is only available from FLINTWOOD sites and where the person has the need and responsibility to input data.


4. 5  Participants receiving a service are able to access their personal records at any time and upon request. This includes both electronic and hardcopy information. Participants will be provided with appropriate assistance to understand the content of their records


4. 6  Information contained within Participant files / data is only to be used for the purposes that it was obtained. However non-identifying data may be used for purposes such as planning, review and evaluation.


4. 7  Where any Participant is receiving a service from or be transferring to an external agency, the information from their personal record may be supplied where there is written consent from the Participant, his / her Carer, Guardian or Plan Nominee. This occurs with and when the external service has identified and satisfied both the individual and FLINTWOOD requirements.


4. 8  Participant’s records (whole individual files) will not be removed from the FLINTWOOD premises, or deleted / copied from any electronic databases. Electronic safeguards are in place to prevent any information being copied /deleted.


4. 9  When a Participant ceases services with FLINTWOOD their personal information and records are closed and archived. The status of their electronic files will be changed from active to inactive. Records will be kept for a period of seven years before being destroyed.


4. 10  FLINTWOOD can / will access Participant’s records without consent if information is required for emergency situations or where legal authority dictates.




5.1  Consent from the Participant, his / her person responsible or guardian is sought prior to FLINTWOOD gathering or storing information obtained in order to provide its services.


5.2  It is the responsibility of all employees to input daily progress notes/ file notes, and individual codes onto CIMS. Employees must complete Incident Report in accordance within the required timeframes.






  • Employees will at all times respect the privacy of the Participants personal records and prevent them from being viewed or accessed by others who do not have the need to know. Access to Participants records is limited to employees currently working with the Participant


  • No employee will use or obtain Participants personal contact information in order to serve their own private purpose. To do otherwise is a serious breach of Participants privacy and FLINTWOOD policy.


Service Manager


It is the responsibility of each site Service Manager to maintain Participants personal information and records. This includes ensuring information is accurate, current, private and confidential and accessible only through need to know.


General Manager


The Senior Management team have and can access this information at all times

and in the event of emergencies




Will ensure Participants Rights, Privacy and confidentiality is strictly upheld.

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