Welcome to the Participant Committee

The Participant Committee represents the whole of Flintwood. We are a team of 5 members, with the capacity for 12 people. We represent the participants that attend Flintwood and we have a focus on equality for everyone and not treated differently because of our disability or religion. We are all unique but equal in every way. We want to be treated the same as everybody else.  As a participant, we want our voice to be heard. We have every right to have choices on an activity we want to go to, it is our choice how we spend our day and our staff support us with that.


Our members meet once a month to discuss what the participants want from Flintwood and anything they are concerned with. We support each other, listen and try and find solutions to any problems that we might talk about. If any of our members see anything that is not professional we report back to a Manager and talk about it at the next meeting

Participant Committee

Our members have learnt how to speak up and make choices and how to be professional. We all sit on the interview panels for new staff, so look out you never know we might be there! It is important to us that we get to choose the people that are going to work with us.  Our team visit all the Flintwood sites or we can invite people to our meetings. Being part of the participant committee helps us built our self-esteem and confidence and gives us a sense of responsibility for the work that we do.


The Participant Committee can assist Flintwood projects with money if we can see that it will benefit everyone. We help to organise and run social events and we have also worked very hard on a campaign called ‘its ok to complain’. This is a book that explained that it’s ok to tell someone when you’re not happy and that you want things to change. We have different ways that participants can make a complaint and we make sure that they are followed up by a Manager.


Our meetings are run by us, for us and that’s what is important to Flintwood because they care about our thoughts and opinions.

service user committee

Flintwood disability services…your disability does not have to define you.