I started with asking my mum if I could please move out because I like being independent and I wanted to live with friends. My mum was very happy with this decision so we went to have a meeting with Jackie to see what we could do.
After the meeting and having my NDIS funding being approved we were told this would be possible and what opportunities were available.
The house that I would like to live in was going to take 3 months’ time. I was getting very excited while I was waiting to move in and my day service helped me with my goals of being independent and things that would help me when I moved in to my new home.
I started to do some shopping with my parents for my new bedroom. I got a new bed and new drawers. When I was looking for my new drawers I was testing different ones out by seeing if I liked the handles to see which one I liked the most.
It finally came to the day I was moving in, we took all my furniture, clothes and my play station 3 and set up my room. I was feeling very happy and a little bit nervous because it was my first time living out of home. Once all my room was set up my parents said goodbye and I started to settle in by relaxing and watching TV with my new house mates.
I was having a great time with my new housemates and hanging out but after a couple of days I was missing home a little bit but my house manager would make me feel better when I spoke with her.
The best part about living in my new house is that its very fun and I’m always around my good friends. I also like going for walks around my neighbourhood. I like that my house supports my religion; they take me to my bible study groups and Church on Sundays. My house mate Leza started coming to Church and Bible study with me. I really enjoy sharing these interests with one of my friends I live with.
I’m very thankful for everyone that helped me reach my goal of moving out and being independent. I would like to keep working on my independence with some new goals. One of my new goals is to catch public transport, maybe the T-way Bus.
I’m very happy in the position I’m in and I look forward to what the future holds for me.

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