Policy Consultation and review

This policy is under review and is seeking your consultation.  Please read and review the document and provide comments at the bottom.  Your comments will be acknowledged by the Policy committee and will be taken into review for any further changes.


Policy Number:   6.C.ii.5.2

Effective From:   28 July 2017

1. AIM


FLINTWOOD recognises the rights of all employees, Participants, families, Carers, advocates, volunteers and visitors to be treated with respect and dignity and free from verbal, cyber abuse, harassment, discrimination and bullying.  FLINTWOOD views any form of unsolicited, unwelcome and disrespectful verbal communication as verbal abuse and has a zero tolerance approach to this issue.




This policy applies to all employees, Partcipants, families, Carers, advocates, volunteers and visitors to FLINTWOOD.




Cyber abuse – unsolicited, unwelcomed comments, photos posted through social media e.g. facebook, twitter





4.1  Communication will be deemed verbal abuse if an employee feels threatened or intimidated, if there are raised voices and or refusal to desist when asked. Incidents involving sexual innuendo and personal slights will also be deemed verbal abuse.


4.2  Communication through social media and online communication will be deemed to be harassment and or bullying if the dialogue is negative, embarrassing, threatening or humiliating to another person and is without their permission. Indirect comments made using any online means of communication such as email and social media will also be deemed as harassment and or bullying.


4.3  FLINTWOOD has a responsibility to create and maintain environments that are safe and actively working to reduce the risk of verbal and cyber abuse.


4.4  FLINTWOOD has a responsibility to respond promptly and sensitively to allegations of verbal and cyber abuse. The organisation will provide support to the abused person in the form of counseling either internally or through the use of FLINTWOOD’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


4.5  All employees will act in a respectful, courteous and professional manner at all times and not participate or condone harassment.


4.6  The communication used between colleagues must be inclusive of all. No one is to be intentionally excluded through the choice of language or alternative communication aids and Employees may be asked to change their communication style if someone is being excluded from conversation.


4.7  All employees are expected to respect the privacy and dignity of other employees, Participants and carers and not to discuss or allude to confidential information through the use of social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, My Space and You Tube.


4.8  All employees are responsible to speak up when they hear, see or read about incidents of harassment and the disclosure of private and personal information involving FLINTWOOD employees, Participants and carers.


4.9  FLINTWOOD management will review every situation if evidence is produced that the offending party is unable to meet the conduct and standards required by FLINTWOOD.




5.1  FLINTWOOD has a responsibility to address issues that may lead to the verbal and cyber abuse re-occurring in the services operating environments. FLINTWOOD will action this through any one or a combination of the following, depending on the severity of the accusation:


  • Employee to complete an incident report.
  • Discuss the allegation with all relevant parties at a local level.
  • If not resolved; the General Manager will investigate the allegations and document their findings.
  • Human Resources will send a letter, approved by the General Manager to notify the involved party of the unacceptable nature of their actions.
  • A meeting with the General Manager will be arranged with the alleged party to discuss of the acceptable code of conduct of communication with the employees, outlining the potential consequences should this behaviour continues.
  • If the outcome of the investigation finds that the allegations are correct and the person is external to FLINTWOOD, a letter will be sent notifying the person of the outcome and any further actions. These may include:
  • no longer able to access FLINTWOOD premises;
  • communicate with the employee for any reason:
  • they will act in an acceptable and appropriate manner at all times when communicating with Employees;
  • Police maybe notified of the allegation or threat.






Will at all times act in a respectful, courteous and professional manner at all times and not participate or condone harassment


General Manager / Service Manager

Management will review every situation where respect for other persons is in question.


Human Rersources Manager

Will provide support to persons who have been disrespected either internally or through the use of FLINTWOOD’s Employee Assistance Program



Will ensure this policy underpins all interactions and communications across Flintwood sites



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