Policy Consultation and review

This policy is under review and is seeking your consultation.  Please read and review the document and provide comments at the bottom.  Your comments will be acknowledged by the Policy committee and will be taken into review for any further changes.

Policy Name:      IT POLICY

Policy Number:  HR 6006

Effective From:  24TH AUGUST 2016

1. AIM


To communicate to all Flintwood employees the rules that ensure FLINTWOOD’s information technology (IT) systems are used appropriately, responsibly and primarily for business purposes.




This policy applies to all FLINTWOOD employees, contractors, consultants, families and participants to whom computer and/or network access has been provided.




Confidentiality:       Is the protection of personal information. This means keeping a Participant or employees information between you and the Participant, and not telling others including co-workers, friends, family, etc


IT Systems:    computer hardware, software, network access, electronic files and data stored on the network, fixed line telephone, mobile phone, wireless network, mobile data access, Bluetooth technology, Personal Digital Assistance (PDA), email and hand held devices.




FLINTWOOD has a responsibility to ensure that Participants receive behaviour intervention and support in a manner that is free from abuse,       exploitation, unlawful practices and or degrading treatments. Where support strategies are used with the intention of influencing behaviours of concern, these strategies must be included as part of a Positive Behaviour Support Plan.




4.1  These rules are in place as protection for the employees and the organisation. Inappropriate use exposes FLINTWOOD to risks including:

a) Viruses

b) Spam

c) Spyware

d) Network security breaches

e) Loss of organisational data

f) Use of illegal software

g) Use of unauthorised copyright material


4.2   Employees provided with authorised access are granted permission to use FLINTWOOD’s IT systems.


4.3   The use of software, hardware, network data, email services and internet browsing must be used in a responsible manner and their use must not contravene legal, privacy and system security requirements.


4.4   Employees and authorised users must be aware that data they create on the system remains the intellectual property of FLINTWOOD.


4.5   All data transmitted or received using FLINTWOOD’s equipment and network is subject to security screening.


4.6   Should an employee be authorised to use FLINTWOOD computers or networks for personal use, they acknowledge that data generated will be subjected to the same security screening process.


4.7   For security and network maintenance purposes, IT may monitor any of the organisation’s infrastructure, electronic data, network traffic and electronic communications, including email and instant messaging.  FLINTWOOD reserves the right to audit any or all of these services on a periodic basis to ensure compliance with this policy.


4.8   Devices that are not property of FLINTWOOD are not to be used on the internal wireless connection, unless prior approved is given by a General Manager or the CEO. This includes but not limited to employees personal phones, iPads and laptops. The wireless connection network keys are to remain confidential to the Management team for the use of FLINTWOOD devices only.


4.9   The use of email, internet and computer hardware storage on the employees nominated device, is strictly for FLINTWOOD business. Employees may make occasional and limited use of the email for personal use, with permission from a Service Manager or General Manager. All data input into FLINTWOOD’s IT system will become the intellectual property of FLINTWOOD and not the property of the employee who input the data.


4.10   All emails received at a FLINTWOOD address will be considered as business email and may be accessed by a General Manager or CEO. Access of an employees business email will only occur if there is suspicion that a FLINTWOOD policy is in breach.


4.11   FLINTWOOD employees are expected to use the Internet responsibly and productively. The use of email or internet for communicating, displaying or circulating messages or images that are offensive, discriminatory, harassing, obscene, threatening, defamatory or intimidating and/or using the systems which deal in any way with sexually explicit or pornographic material is strictly prohibited. This may result in a disciplinary action.


4.12   FLINTWOOD recognises the ease in which confidentiality can be breached by sending information or attachments to people and accidentally selecting the wrong recipient. Employees are to check thoroughly that the correct recipient has been selected before sending all emails.


4.13   Employees are required to be vigilant in checking emails before opening them. Attachments must not be opened if there is any suspicion whatsoever about the reliability of the source of the email. Preventing viruses is an important responsibility of all employees using FLINTWOOD’s computers and will be monitored by FLINTWOOD’s IT provider.


4.14   FLINTWOOD employees who are provided with a laptop, desktop and/or iPad are responsible for the security of the device. Passwords for the devices are to be kept confidential between the employee and the Administration Manager. Misuse of another person’s computer or email may result in disciplinary action.


4.15   FLINTWOOD employees who are provided with a laptop, iPad, mobile or any other portable devices are to leave the devices on work premises with your Manager when they are on annual leave. This may also extend to leave without pay greater than 1 week, maternity leave, parental leave and workers compensation either paid or unpaid.  This will promote and encourage meaningful leave without being accessible via work related devices.


4.16   On resignation or termination of employment, all FLINTWOOD devices must be returned to your Manager. Information on devices is to remain accessible and not destroyed. Apple devices are not to be restored to factory settings or wiped of any information. Passwords and usernames are required to be handed to your Manager.


4.17   Applications (apps) for Apple devices for the Management team can be purchased with the intention that they are for work purposes. All apps that have a monetary value attached are to be paid for with the employees personal credit card details can be reimbursed via petty cash with the approval of a General Manager.


4.18   No software is to be downloaded from the internet or any other unauthorised source, without the express permission of a General Manager.


4.19   All sites and downloads may be monitored and/or blocked by FLINTWOOD if they are deemed to be harmful and/or not productive to business.


4.20   An external IT company will maintain and store all relevant data collected on FLINTWOODs electronic devices and back up the system on a contractual basis, except for iPads.


4.21   Network drives have been established to ensure all documentation is saved and backed up. No documentation should be saved on any employees desktops.




5.1   Usage may be monitored by conducting random searches of computer data, asking for emails to be forwarded to a more senior employee, or if there is need for concern, the internal server data back up may be accessed without the employees permission.


5.2   If it is suspected that emails and internet are being used inappropriately by an employee, then an investigation may take place. Please refer to the Counselling and Disciplinary policy HR6005.


5.3   If software is needing to be downloaded, you must get approval from your Manager, before putting in a request with IT via the online portal.


5.4   An automatic update of each device will occur each business day if the computer is on and has internet connection. This won’t always be visable to the user.


5.5   All information and data that is recorded by a user on a PC, must be saved to the drives on the server. Saving to the S drive is the prefered method of recording documents.


5.6   FLINTWOOD’s internal server is automatically backed up on a daily basis. This includes a back up of emails sent and received each day.


5.7   All working documents and saved documents are to be stored on the relevant network drive. Ensure your desktop is empty.






  • Is responsible for keeping their password’s safe
  • Must ensure data is backed up if using an iPad
  • Complies with this policy


General Manager / Service Manager


  • Must ensure all conditions of the policy are known, understood and applied
  • Monitor staff internet usage
  • Must ensure data is backed up if using an iPad


Human Rersources Manager


  • Will assist and guide employees and/or managers with questions relating to safe internet use.
  • Will ensure employees and managers adhere to the policy




  • Will reinforce the policy



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