We Appreciate Donations

We thank you for your donations (and humbly ask for your generosity)


As a provider of services to those with disabilities, Flintwood are always extremely grateful for any help we receive via donation. Donations makes a huge difference to the way we run our facilities and programs and what we can offer our participants.


We’ll be honest, people and families whose lives have been touched by disability are often doing it tough. As an NDIS service provider, we have the power to make their lives easier, fuller and more satisfying. Your donations allow us to improve our services and give more to the people who need us.


To donate to Flintwood please contact Administration for the ways in which you can do it.  Some donation options include:

Flintwood donation

Credit Card

An invoice for credit card payments can be raised which can then be paid by the donator via the BPAY facility

Flintwood donation


Cheques, Money Orders and Cash can be accepted without the need for an invoice

Flintwood donation

Bank Transfer

Payments can also be made directly into our bank account.  Please contact administration on 02 9630 1777 for these details.

A donation doesn’t have to be money

It could be your time, supporting our staff, or your brainpower, helping us with a project or ideas for new programs for our participants. Your creativity could help us design a new space or give us ideas for an event. Financial assistance allows us to purchase items like equipment and furniture that make our participant’s lives easier.


In the last year Flintwood have received some generous donations from some wonderful individuals and organisations. We would like to acknowledge them here:

  • Blacktown Workers Club
  • Parramatta City Council
  • Bunnings North Parramatta
  • Random House
  • Deaf Blind Association (NSW) Inc.
  • Cabrini Nursing Home
  • Lillian Wells Nursing Home
  • Stonehill Rural Service


If you are keen to donate, we can issue you an invoice with a Bpay or credit card option. We happily accept cheques, money orders and cash. You can also EFT. Just contact 9630 1777 for our banking details.

Contact us for more information on how to donate at the moment it references to respite

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