McMillian Centre, Pennant Hills

Location of office:
12A Schofields Parade, Pennant Hills 2120

Phone Number:
02 9875 4009

Email address:


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We are located at Schofields Parade in Pennant Hills. The Pennant Hills day program offers centre based and community programs for people aged 18 and over with a disability.


Pennant Hills provides day option services based around the person’s needs, interests and choices. The service supports people in their lifestyle choices and aims to enhance their independence and control of their lives, as well as providing fun and enjoyment. Needs are met in a caring, considerate and professional manner by staff who are skilled, experienced and flexible.


The atmosphere of the service is warm, calm and relaxed, balanced with feelings of excitement and enjoyment. There is support and open communications between staff and families/carers based on a partnership approach.


Some of the many program our service users enjoy on a regular basis are; swimming, exercise programs, music therapy, pet therapy, meals on wheels, paper run, drama, arts and craft.


McMillian Centre offers space, the great outdoors, an in ground swimming pool, outdoor accessible gym equipment, trampolines, relaxing spaces to enjoy the day, ‘gold class’ movie theatre room, sensory room and so much more.  This location is open to all participants and can cater for large groups.

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