40 Albion St, Harris Park

Location of office:
40 Albion St, Harris Park

Phone Number:
02 9633 3328

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Albion St. promotes flexibility and choice in a happy and friendly environment. Service users enjoy learning social ,life & independent living skills, the “mateship” and being around familiar faces at Albion St and that everyone looks out for each other.


Albion St is a flexible and interactive Day Program where the Service Users choose their own personalised programs which can range from pub lunches to Zumba classes. The workers at Albion St have adopted a “can do” attitude and are willing to give anything a go!


The service is very much a democracy and all relevent issues are discussed at our regular weekly meetings.


With an average age of 25 there can be many different activities going on at any one time, but with enough space at the site should anyone need a little quiet time there’s plenty of room.

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