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Flintwood creates recreational activities each week for individuals with a disability over the age of 18.  Our day programs are a fantastic way for individuals to explore their local communities and learn valuable life skills. These life skills are taught through supporting everyday activities such as buying a drink at a cafe or catching public transport . Most importantly it is a fantastic way to have fun in group centre-based activities such as painting and cooking. Alternatively day program groups can venture out in the community with activities such as bowling or sailing! All these activities are supported by our expert staff and the activities are tailored to people with a disability. All these activities can be attended individually with one to one support, provided the funding. 

The onsite programs along with our community and TAFE programs make Flintwood a leader in the disability sector and a great place to attend a day program.

Our Locations

Flintwood covers the geographic region of North West Metropolitan Sydney, from Brookvale to Concord to the Blue Mountains.

Hills Region

McMillan Centre (Pennant Hills)
31 Salisbury Road (Castle Hill)
38 and 39 Sailsbury Road (Castle Hill)

Parramatta Region

14 Crown Street (Harris Park)
55 Harris street (Harris Park)

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4 Best Road (Seven Hills)

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Manly Region

152a Old Pittwater Road (Brookvale)

Penrith Region


1/30 Copeland Street (Kingswood)
234 Derby Street (Penrith)
2/30 Phillip & Copeland Street

Flintwood Day Program Activities


The Ten Pin Bowling League is an outing that provides an opportunity for community integration whilst socialising and enjoying participating in a team game. Game rules, how to bowl, teamwork and sportsmanship are some of the areas of opportunity to learn whilst having fun. There is also the opportunity to win certificates and trophies at the end of the competition.


Art classes encompass many different forms of art-related projects such as painting, card-making, drawing, sculpture, vision-boards. Participants also have the opportunity to enter these works into annual community exhibitions and competitions.


Café work is a weekly program that promotes skill-based learning and social interaction. The barista component of this training includes but is not limited to, learning different types of coffee, how to use the coffee machine, frothing milk and checking temperature, pouring techniques and styling coffees. As with any other café, Participants can learn food preparation, serving customers, table-waiting, taking orders, processing cash register sales, hygiene basics and overall café cleanliness.


Gardening is a great way to relax, socialise, exercise and be creative. Gardening gives the opportunity to be hands-on as well as participate in the decision-making process. This activity assists in learning about plants and plant-practices, handiwork, landscaping and working towards personal (and gardening team) goals, as well as contributing to the site garden. 


Beauty Therapy provides the opportunity to learn how to apply makeup, paint nails and how to create different hairstyles. This program also promotes self-confidence building and socialising with others while enjoying foot spas, hand massages and shopping outings for personal makeup and accessories.


Our music studio space is a room that helps build on musical instrument skills, singing ability and dance/movement. Participants have the opportunity to learn fundamental musical concepts such as rhythm and melody, be introduced new songs and styles of music, encouragement with the involvement of musical instruments such as guitars, ukuleles, piano, singing with a microphone, percussion instruments and electric, and bongo, drums.


Cooking is a daily-living skill but when learnt well, we can become successful chefs. This cooking class provides assistance with building on current knowledge of kitchen/food hygiene, safe approach to using utensils and of course cooking. This cooking lesson provides assistance with skill-building from basic food preparation through to speciality cuisine classes.


iPad training provides the opportunity to learn how to use an iPad. From learning the basics of turning on & off iPad, navigating through apps and screens to taking photos, emailing, listening to music and making purchases from the iTunes & App Stores. Using an iPad also offers an avenue to explore different communication methods by using apps that assist in choice-making, text-to-talk and diary making. Overall, this program promotes self-confidence building and socialising with others while enjoying learning how to use an iPad.


The site sensory room is an opportunity to encourage stimulation of the senses by participating in a variety of sensory environments and interaction with tactile and sensory items.  

Activities may range from aromatherapy, audio therapy, staff reading, sensory-item interaction, hand and foot massages and lighting.


‘Sailability’ is an external organisationally run recreational sailing opportunity for people with a disability. Volunteers prepare dinghies, help people in and out of the boats, skipper when needed in a safe, relaxing outdoor environment.


The dance class is a weekly class that helps builds on movement and dancing skills.  

This activity involves a teacher running the lessons, teaching dancing basics such as rhythm and movement, introducing new dances and styles of dancing, encouraging participation in the group as well as individual dancing skills.


Sport & recreation promotes health and well-being through outdoor activities, such as sports games and non-straining exercise equipment. This program also provides an opportunity to work on fitness levels, movement skills and working as a team, whilst enjoying the great outdoors.


Learn the basics of sewing on a machine, learn about different fabrics and how to draw up and cut them, work on group projects as well as individual, and contribute to the local community. Projects can include mending and altering individual clothes or project work such as our famous tote bags.


The DIY work class provides Participants with basic skill training of tools, different materials, work on a range of handwork projects such as fixing chairs, painting preparation as well as painting, tightening loose cupboard doors. Also larger scale projects such as our backyard makeovers and our well-known mini-golf course.


Learn the basics of creating your own short-film or work with others on a group project. The sessions are an opportunity to participate in script-writing, acting, filming via an iPad and sound and video editing on a Mac platform.


Weekly Drama Sessions that are run by terms and then an end of year concert at Riverside Theatre. Participants are able to explore their inner Creative interest


Pottery allows Participants to express oneself. It can improve motor skills by giving them the chance to use arms, wrists and hand muscles. It is in a casual atmosphere which is a great setting to help you relax and also talk to other potters


It is a training process, with the end goal of promoting independent and safe use of public transport. It is a skill that will take time but the first step is to develop skills to purchase an item with confidence.


Participants learn how to use a BBQ, light the BBQ and how to be able to use utensils safely. Participants are taught the different types of food and how to cook them safely. How to clean the BBQ and surrounding areas.


Weekly Gym sessions which improve stamina and muscle strength. Improve balance and may increase independence. It is a great way to meet people and make friends.


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