To all Parents / Carers,

The Coronavirus Committee has met once again and we hope that you are all staying safe and managing with the wet weather we have had recently. I would like to confirm there are NO cases of COVID 19 within FLINTWOOD employees or Participants. We continue to respond to the current situation in NSW as best we can, with advice still changing as new information and new cases are confirmed in different areas.

Thank you for all of your support and consideration over the last few months. Flintwood is now asking for Participants to wear face masks as well as employees. For those who find it difficult to wear a face mask, maybe a face shield will work. We will not be forcing any Participant to wear a mask but ask that your Son / Daughter/friend/ Participant come to any Flintwood service with a mask so at least we can try.

The Individual Services program will be partly starting up again, pending on venues, employee availability, so please contact Amie Ross on or 0419 477073. Face Masks and Social Distancing must be adhered whilst offering this service.

Lockdown ratings are always negotiable to all Participants, families, Carers, but they are not to impinge on anyone else’s rights.

Flintwood continues to ask you to make sure you adhere to the following:

– Checking in with the news regularly so you can see any venues that have been identified as “hot spots” or have had people tested as positive to COVID and have visited and followed the advice that they give regarding getting tested and self-isolating. Please advise us if you have visited any of those identified places.

– If your Son/ Daughter/ Participant is presenting with any symptoms related to COVID, please keep the home, let us know that is the reason that they are being kept home and get them tested for COVID.

It is clear that there has been an increase in COVID positive cases within schools in NSW. This is a new potential risk for us; how the family behaves and what risks they take may affect the person who is much more vulnerable.

Thank you so much for your on-going support and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any clarification or if we can help in any way

Yours Sincerely,

Kay McPartland

General Manager

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