Wednesday, 1 April 2020

To all Parents / Carers,

Hope you are all well; the Coronavirus Committee have been busy communicating with you all and collecting data on who will be accessing Day Service in the future and trying to do some future planning.

As we all know, things are changing all of the time, but Flintwood has made the decision for the Day Services to remain open for those people who really need it. There will however be no community access – all supports will be provided in a Day Service environment. We will obviously be complying with all Government requirements.

All Flintwood Supported Living will be supported in their own homes as of today to minimise the risk and to comply with the Government’s requests.

In regards to Accommodation, can I please clarify once again the following:

– Participants can go to their family home at any time

– Families cannot enter the Participants home, unless there is an emergency

– Allied Health, Contractors etc. can enter Accommodation if needed, they do however need to go through the same vetting process in regards to infection control.

Once again, I encourage you to take advantage of our Support Coordination. The Agency has recognised this and as such, a new line item for Support Coordination has been added to Core. This will allow participants without Support Coordination funding (or who have used all of theirs up) to access the service through their Core budget. If you need support with your NDIS plan or to secure future services, purchase consumables, organise therapists or support to work through the minefield of the Coronavirus, we can help you. Our team of Support Coordinators are here to help, please contact Brienne Sutton on 0419 477073 or

Thank you again for your support and understanding with this, and please let me put your mind at rest again by telling you that thankfully nobody has been diagnosed with Coronavirus at this stage.

Yours Sincerely,

Kay McPartland

General Manager

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