Wednesday, 18 March 2020

To Parents / Carers,

The Coronavirus Committee has once again met to discuss any new updates. Thankfully, there are still no diagnosed cases of the Covid-19 virus within Flintwood

At this stage, we need to continue to be vigilant with our infection control procedures to prevent passing on the virus, be more vigilant with practising good hand washing, and sneeze/cough hygiene, which is the best defence against most viruses.

The Emergency Response Team have also met twice and are in the process of finalising Flintwood’s Emergency Response Plan and reviewing the Pandemic policy.

Flintwood is trying to manage the outbreak of the Coronavirus and minimise the risk of the spread of the virus, so can we ask if you have recently been unwell, been in contact with someone who is unwell or you have symptoms of a respiratory illness (e.g. fever, sore throat, cough etc), please do not come to the site.

To the best of our ability, we are encouraging and implementing social distancing.

As stated on Anybody who has arrived back in Australia from overseas in the last 14 days, must self-isolate for a further 14 days’. This has immediately been implemented into Flintwood.

Can I ask if your son / daughter / Participant is sick, can you please notify the site as early as possible so we can arrange staffing.

I want to thank you for your ongoing understanding and support and once again, if anybody wishes to discuss any Coronavirus concerns any further, please do not hesitate to contact me on or 02 8633 8917.

Kay McPartland General Manager

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