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 A Home That’s Right For you

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Find the right fit 

At Flintwood we listen to you, to help you live in a home with people that share your interests, are similar in age and are a good personality fit.

Build Friendships

We provide you with a positive share housing experience, where your housemates become your friends.

Flintwood’s Expertise 

Our expert Flintwood staff are industry  trained and dedicated to active support to help individuals build valuable independence skills. 

What our Clients say

My daughter has attended the day service at castle hill for over a year now. I love the way all the clients are given the opportunity to try things, and all the staff genuinely care for every one of the clients. It’s such a welcoming environment - and having a great area including break out rooms at the facility means that clients can do activities in house without clashing with other activities, also run in house.

Linda Langton

Knowing some of the staff at Flintwood and being at a few of the events, I can honestly say they care about their participants and they have a lot of fun whilst doing a great service.

Beck Bardsley

What is it like to live in a Flintwood Accommodation home?



Some of our fantastic residents have helped create a video on what it’s like to live in a  Flintwood Accommodation home


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