31 Salisbury

31 Salisbury is a vibrant and energetic site. We have a large number of participants who enjoy being active. The site offers plenty of space to move around and we have a number of different rooms dedicated to our centre based activities.

At 31 Salisbury you can participate in 

Arts and Crafts, Computer and money skills, have a workout in our gym, play Xbox games or sit back and watch  movies in our theatre room. some participants  enjoy meditation and yoga, Zumba and dancing, singing, or taking some quiet time in our sensory room. 31 Salisbury has a fully accessible kitchen that was purpose built as we have TAFE NSW come out every Thursday to run a cooking program. We offer a wide variety of activities onsite and within the community. Some of these community based activities include: Fishing, beach day, sports day out at local parks and ovals, Liberty Swing, Indoor Soccer, Ballroom Dancing, Cheerleading, Morning Melodies, Sensory Walks, Sailability, Toast Masters, Dudes Day Out, Ladies In Luxury, Hydrotherapy, Bowling, Boccai, RDA, Beyond The Square and many more.

I have been coming to Flintwood for 13 years now and I really love. I am the chairperson on the participant committee. We meet every month and we represent the whole organisation with any issues. We love happy stories
I am able to make choices. I am able to choose where I live thanks to the NDIS.

Leza Grundy

Flintwood Disability Services stood out as The BEST of them all in terms of professionalism, the range of services they offer, the safety and security of their centres. Even during their busiest day, the General Managers came down and together with the Centre manager answered all of our questions in the most professional-yet-easy-to-understand way.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending Flintwood Disability Services to anyone who may be looking for a disability service provider.

Marcelina Lim Peihopa

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