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Day program

Let us know what you’d like to do on your days with us. If you want to be active, learn a skill, or go on an excursion, it’s all possible. One on one or in small groups, you can discover new interests and hobbies, keep your body moving and do so with friends or on your own.


At Flintwood we listen to you, to help you live in a home with people that share your interests, are similar in age and are a good personality fit. We provide you with a positive share housing experience, where your housemates become your friends. Life still has its challenges, but when your friends share similar stories, it won’t seem so hard.

Support Coordination

A Support Coordinator is a link between participants and service providers. They help to identify your needs and then connect you with suitable services. If you find organising your care and services difficult, a Support Coordinator can remove this worry and be a link between you and the services you choose.

Short Term Accommodation

Respite makes sure you’re cared for and supported when you need a break. We have short term accommodation in two locations, staffed with highly qualified and supportive carers.

About us 

Flintwood covers the geographic region of North West Metropolitan Sydney, from Brookvale to Concord to the Blue Mountains.

Underlying everything we do at Flintwood is our goal to create and enhance opportunities for people with disabilities. We’re committed to working with individuals (and their families) and we support your right to be independent and make your own decisions on how you want to live your life.

We continually strive to employ the most skilled and motivated people and our staff receive ongoing training and support. We want to be certain that every service we offer you is provided at the highest standard.

Day Programs

Accommodation sites

Respites centres


My daughter has attended the day service at castle hill for over a year now. I love the way all the clients are given the opportunity to try things, and all the staff genuinely care for every one of the clients. It’s such a welcoming environment – and having a great area including break out rooms at the facility means that clients can do activities in house without clashing with other activities, also run in house.

Linda Langton

Knowing some of the staff at Flintwood and being at a few of the events, I can honestly say they care about their participants and they have a lot of fun whilst doing a great service.

Beck Bardsley

My daughter has been going to Flintwood Harris park for 7 years. she loves it the staff are really great with her. they take her out places I cant. and they do so much stuff in the house. And it is so good to have a break and for her too. get out and abought in the community and see her friends. It’s a great service

Michelle Flynn

Where are we located?

Flintwood covers the geographic region of North West Metropolitan Sydney, from Brookvale to Concord to the Blue Mountains.


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